Scheduling Your Appointment

3 Easy Steps . . .

Step 1:

Call or text (304) 322 - 4532

If you have an dental concern, call (304) 322 - 4532 and you'll be greeted by our Scheduling Coordinators, Tamika and Sandra, who will assist you in scheduling your visit with us.

Step 2:

Choose between an In-Office or a Virtual Visit

You will be asked whether you would like an In-Office or a Virtual Visit.  We have made TeleDentistry accessible to our patients.

Step 3:

Complete online Health History Form

Before your consultation, we require your Health History to be completed online.  This is beneficial for multiple reasons.  First, this allows you to focus on the questions in a timely manner without feeling rushed, this will allow a more accurate health history to be recorded which is the most important step for patient safety. 


In addition, it allows adequate time to provide the most detailed, accurate list of medications (prescribed and Over-The-Counter) being taken.  With the fast addition of new medications in the medical industry, it's imperative as the patient to provide your medical/dental practitioner with the most updated list of medications being taken.


Lastly, Meet Your Surgeon:

Dr. Matt Koepke

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon